Pokey Pets is a boutique dog walking and pet services outfit in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago – founded by me, Liza, and my dog, Porgy. At Pokey Pets, we’re focused on addressing an age-old pain point in the dog walking biz. Can you guess what it is?

As a former part-time dog walker over the past several years here in Chicago, I always dreamed of caring for pets full-time with an often overlooked take on the job: true one-on-one care for our neighborhoods’ pets.

As an owner-operated service, I am focused on providing a consistent experience for your pets – the same friendly face every day. I have always taken to special needs pets: those with anxiety, disabilities, the elderly, and the sometimes wild pups who have a ton of mass and energy, in need a safe and attentive walker. These are the dogs who crave consistency in their dog walking experiences, and from what I’ve seen, their owners know it!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “Are you my new dog walker? Is it permanent?” I always hoped so, but in working for other large dog walking services it was no guarantee. If you’re a pet owner who has been assigned your dedicated dog walker, just to be re-assigned a new dedicated dog walker weeks later, Pokey Pets might be the service for you.

I am absolutely wild about forging strong bonds based on trust and mutual respect with my pet clients. It’s the most rewarding experience not only of the job, but in my life as a pet lover. Consistency is key for a lot of our beloved pets, and I aim to provide that meaningful consistency for all of my clients – pet and human alike.

I invite you to see if Pokey Pets might be the right fit for you. Please give us a call or drop us a note if you’d like to schedule a meeting. Only I can attend the meet and greets, however, as Porgy is currently attending full-time cooking classes at The School For Dogs Who Would Like To Prepare Human Foods Because They Seem To Taste Better.

We hope to see you soon!

Liza and Porgy

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