Will I have the same walker every day?

Yes! As an owner-operated boutique service, your dog is largely guaranteed to be walked by the owner of Pokey Pets every day. For the odd long weekend out of town, all owners will be notified well in advance and provided with details and information regarding our back-up walker, who will complete paid and shadowed dog walks with your pups prior to walking them solo. Owners can choose to opt out of services during these times, but rest assured your pups will be in great hands with our back-up walker, as well!

Do you require a minimum number of walks per week?

In most cases we require a minimum of 3-walks per week to ensure continuity in scheduling for the client base as a whole. We do have room for a few clients who need less regular walks, but those spaces do fill and are sometimes waitlisted. As an owner-operated service, we take on a limited clientele and provide a highly personalized and consistent experience with your pets.

Do you walk dogs in packs?

Our dogs receive one-on-one walks with their walker. If you own multiple dogs who you would like walked together, that is okay, too! Alternatively, if your dog is close with another dog who resides in your building and you would like them walked together, this can be arranged for a small “extra dog” charge and the total fee for each walk can be split between two owners. This can be a great cost savings!

Will I receive a status report after my dog has been walked?

Yes, we use a pet software that records our geo-location at the start and end of every walk (your front door!). Upon completion of a walk, a full write-up is provided, along with pictures and a map of the walk from Strava. You will know what your dog accomplished on our walk, and that they are safe and stocked up on any necessities at home. If your dog is to receive medications or a feeding, it will be noted that those duties were carried out, as well. This report is automatically emailed to each owner at the completion of every walk. Hand-written notes are available upon request for clients who would prefer them.

How can I set and adjust my schedule?

Each pet owner is provided with instructions on how to register for our client portal. Within the portal, you can schedule and cancel one-time or ongoing services. You also have access to your profile information that will allow you to edit and update vet information, emergency contact information, and instructions for your walker. I can also schedule your services for you – just send an email with your request the night prior and I will add you in.

What is your cancellation policy?

As early as possible. We don’t have the strictest cancellation policy out there as we understand that things happen. Up to 3-hours before your service is scheduled to start is our regular policy for individual dog walks. Walks purchased in a pre-paid package offer either up to 2-hours notice, or no notice policies. There may be a small fee incurred for late cancellations (if the walker arrives to your location prior to receiving a cancellation request), but we’re all human so you’ll get a free pass here and there!

When will my dog be walked or cat be sat?

You can request a specific window that you would prefer your walk or cat sit to take place in. Our regular windows are 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, and 2pm-4pm. We do, of course, offer walks before and after these hours for a small additional fee as outlined in our pricing menus. Just let us know what you need and we’ll make sure you have all of the pertinent information.

For pet sits, sitters will arrive 3x per day for dogs and 1-2x per day for cats. These times will be arranged with you prior to your trip out of town.

How do I pay?

We invoice customers at the end of every week after services for that week have been completed. If you purchase a pre-paid package, just let us know which package you would like and we will add those 10, 20, or 32 walks to your account upon receipt of payment. All clients are provided with receipts for every payment made.

You may pay by cash or check, or via credit or debit card through your portal. Venmo and Zelle options are available, as well. Really, we can accommodate and provide receipts for any way you want to pay!

Do you provide services on holidays?

Yes! However, all holiday services must be requested and approved via email, call or text. Regularly scheduled services do not occur on holidays unless specifically requested. Don’t worry – we will contact you prior to every holiday to remind you. There is an up-charge for holiday services.

We observe the following holidays:

  • New Years Eve
  • New Year Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Do you offer a referral program?

Yes! If you know someone who needs regular dog walks or pet services at least 3x per week we would love to meet them. For each referral, both you and the new client will receive a credit of two free regular dog walks (or other applicable services) credited to your account after their first month of service. Make sure they mention your name upon sign up!

Are you insured?

We are licensed in the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago, as well as fully insured through Pet Care Insurance. We will provide all new and existing clients with copies of all documentation upon request.

Can you care for non-traditional pets?

Yes, some! While I am very familiar with cats and dogs, I also own betta fish and in the past have owned birds, snakes, hamsters, rats, newts, hermit crabs, the list goes on. Depending on the type of pet, we may be able to provide regular services or vacation care in your absence.

Your prices are lower than average in the area, why?

Pokey Pets started up in early 2019 and has a clear mission to provide both quality and affordability in our services. We are a small outfit and don’t employ huge numbers of walkers like many of the other local services do. This helps to keep prices lower. Prices can be updated on an annual basis, but you will never see a giant increase.

Though the business itself is newer, my experience in providing these services and managing dog walking companies spans many years. It was time to start my own service with company policies that I’m in control of. I am customer-focused and less strict on cancellations and similar policies than most. We are all human and I understand that things come up from time to time. I wanted the ability to extend compassion to all of my clients, and to see the same pets every day so that they can experience the consistency and care that they deserve.

My pet has special needs, can you help?

I have years of experience with special needs pets, and deeply appreciate those who are elderly, deaf, blind, or otherwise disabled. I take a compassionate approach with these very special pets and work to develop deep bonds based on trust. I am ecstatic to meet your special needs pet!

Any other questions? Just ask! We can be reached by phone, email or text at your convenience.

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